For whatever Reason Peter wants to have an account on

Ingo= regulator_system_id = 1 (first regulator), user_id = 1 (first user), class = 0 (its a person)

Ingo (invitor) tells Peter he should use for this and sends him an invitation link.
He is visiting the regulator website,1,0 and registers an account.
With FirstName = Peter, LastName = Smith, VerficationType = Passport, VerficationProvider=GermanAuthority and Invitor=Ingo
And he is uploading a Picture of himself to identify him on his passport.
And he agrees to the guidlines of
The provider of needs to get sure that Peter is a unique Identity so he starts a verification process.

Ingo receive a message including peters picture and is asking Ingo if he recognise Peter and have invited him. When ingo aggrees to it the invitor verification step is approved.

There could be further verification steps taht must be done by the regulator.
for example: calling meldestelle etc.

After all verification steps are done the provider marks Peter a verified user.
And give him his ID.
Peter out = 2 (first user), in = 1(first regulator), q = 0 (its a person)
Peter regulator_system_id = 1 (first regulator), user_id = 2, class = 0 (its a person)
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