Peer Owners Stations

as part of making the peer owners home to be their station, more here, this is about creating their card, similar to OpenPGP but with the following exceptions:

  • The card is unreadable when it is off-line and is readable only when it is on-line, but only when the verified match had be found and only for the user defined length of time and only where at anytime the card does not transmit or expose the finugerprint;
  • The card shall be cheap and is issued in/by the peer's station, where
    • the card is unique per each of the identifiable human (as one of the entities in the sys maintained in the station);
  • the energy for the card is re-chargeable and
  • the card has
    • one fingerprint reader and
    • one simple processor only able to identify existing of the match between
      • one input from a reader with
      • the fingererprint of that specified human, where
        • the fingererprint is burned only once at the issued time of the card.

see this.
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