Making Flexibility Of C And V In The T* D =C* V. Txt

making flexibility of c and v in the t*d=c*v, in some mother comcomized units which are related by their holding in another daughter comcomized unit. This is specially required when the mothers are peer owners in the daughter.

The restriction in comcomism is only about the equality between both side of the formula T*d=C*V and hence flexibility can be achieved by accomplishing all the the flowing 3 :

1. putting c or v in boundaries: min<=c or v<= max, where gap=max-min.
2. in routine, checking for current Ave, which is the Average of c or v between mothers, as M is their number, such that AVe=sum(C)/M or sum (v)/M.
3. trying to reducing the Gap by
3.1. adjusting different Min and Max to match the Average.
3.2. migration between mother comcomized units (changing the c in the mothers ).
3.3. having V as sum of some elements, such as ,
3.3.1. periodic payments ( where each new peer must pay all payment payed by each of the current ones)
3.3.2. debt, with some guaranties liability etc and
3.3.3 contribution, which complete (cash) payment for e.g. contractors facilitating the daughter.
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