Comcom Tech

this page is for technical issues in relation to establishing the platform for comcomism

the "holdings" db, consists of

  • one "entities" table of which primary keys are "uid" (uniqe id) in the whole db and of which another column is "depth", and
  • one or more other "depth" tables, of which each is named by different depth of entities in the db as "depth" is a signed int which
    • when is negative indicates a specific category of non comcom organization, such as npo, private,ltd,public etc
    • when is zero indicates people
    • when bigger than zero indicates comcom held by entities of which "depth" is lower
  • and where each record in such "depth" table is defined by its primary="uid" indicating "self" as the record has one blob entry of some pairs of signed integers: the "uid" and the "shares", so that
    • either, when the "uid" is positive, it is of entity in higher level which is held by "self"
    • or when "uid" is negative, its absolute value is of the entity holding "self"
    • when "shares" is bigger than zero, it indicated the number of shares of ordinary owner indicated by the "uid"
    • when "shares" is negative, its absolute value indicates the number of shares of peer owner indicated by the "uid"
    • when "shares" is zero it indicates that the "uid" is of peer owner

the depth tables could be not tables but instead a buffer/file when adding offset to the pair.
part of integrity is to keep the depth of entity is higher then of all its owners. hence this condition must be checked on each new holding the self and when is not tru the self should be moving to higher dept.

todo: based on the "holdings" db to do

  • communication by mailing list, default option: non direct msg only via the the group, but optional secure online im+ viop etc
  • Authorization and registration: “identity proof” of 5 elements: first and last names, who invite, recognized authority issuing document of identity and photo able to be identified as the one of the one from the document of identity.
    • Having such “identity proof” of an holder been registered, requires that the holder already agreed to lose all holding registered in the system and in the systems collaborating with it, as it is found that per each such registered ComCom, the holder holds directly, or indirectly, more than one position.
    • Hence the more valuable comcomS are registered in it the stronger is the proof the system can provide. (it might be useful to require reinforcement of the identity every 3 months).
  • security with sdp as a (default?) option
  • board operations, from an issues posted by entity through all history/process until the decision made by the board
    • its objective: the what and the why
    • its time: the from and the until
    • its execution: by what and whom including all resources
    • its boundaries: the limitation and the authority
  • wizard for any step, from establishing the comcom (the d i/d/s? etc ) through communication security and board operations until
  • Marketing of shares: a stock market for shares of peer or ordinary owners

see also about issue making

it is about ownership in real time, meaning check of identity + issuing board discussions, voting and tools for tracking implementation of the decision made etc, implemented in app like mailing list or social working.
if u like to get into it, become a member in wikidot com then let me know your user name there so i will invite u to that site i posted here. let me know how can u help.

to add:
to make on it comcomized mailing list, including board meet and tracking on process
and then to make specific applications available by handy and/or pc, such as
for car sharing, monthly metro ticket etc, .
which would be able to be imported to the comcomizd mailing list.
try Pecu or github,

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